The Spirits - original Australian Blues Band

The Spirits Blues Band Evolution 2020

The advent of the cast lineup for the band with The Back To The Crossroads Show sparked an event that shaped the current Spirits reunion in 2020.

Playing together for the 3 veteran players - Lewis "Lazy Boy" O'Neill; Greg "The Mean Miss-treater" Lindner and Ian "The Big Shot" Wilks; after so many years just seemed so natural. The addition of Alex on lead guitar and dobro and Junior on blues bass added a great measure of fresh talent - the outcome is an amazing mix of musical personalities. 

The rhythm section really cooks and is so rock solid, while the lead players have an incredible space to work with; very much like "The Good 'Ol Days" - still sporting the fun and nonsense that the Spirits were always so well known for!

The music still has that brilliant mix of original material - while the way that the guys take to really older styled blues remains huge in tone; played with respect and a serious dash of style.

The Spirits are definitely back on track for 2020!
Alex McKean, Lewis O'Neill, Greg Lindner, Ian Wilks and Lewis Elliott lined up at The Spirits Bar

The Spirits Blues Band - 100% Overproof Australian Blues

The Spirits Blues Band
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