The Spirits Blues Band on stage 2020

The Spirits Blues Band 2020

One of Australia's Premier Blues Bands The Spirits Blues Band with a fresh new lineup that includes some very hot younger blood!

The original members of The Spirits Blues Band are Lewis "Lazy Boy" O'Neill on rhythm, silly moves & vocals; Greg "The Mean Miss-treater" Lindner on percussion, vocals & general nonsense are joined by Ian "The Big Shot" Wilks on harp, tenor banjo, bad jokes & vocals. 

Unfortunately Chris Dent - "The Master Blaster on the Telecaster" & Johnny Anderson "alias Johnny Rotten" are unavailable for current performances.
The Spirits Blues Band - a cartoon of the original line up
Copyright @ Chris Dent 1998

2020 Spiritual Line Up

The reformation of The Spirits Blues Band was a direct result of "The Back to the Crossroads Show" that was developed by Alex McKean in 2018 - what a blast!
Alex McKean - lead guitar

Alex McKean

Champion Lead Guitarist + Vocals
Alex is a truly gifted guitarist who has done the hard yards playing in many bands across the last three of decades including "The First Offenders", "Wizard Skin" and "The Summerland Band".

Alex has a wonderful attitude that permeates his playing; his style is definitely of his own creation and his dobro work is a great tribute to the earlier players of the Blues genre.

Alex has a myriad of wonderful guitars and really excels at nailing the genre - his passion and emotion are absolutely contagious!!!
Ian Wilks - vocals and howling harmonica

Ian "The Big Shot" Wilks

Harmonica + Vocals
Ian has been a driving force in The Spirits since the band's inception. He has had a wonderful career playing with some amazing Australian Blues talent which included fronting the band "Brother Goose" with the legendary Barry Sullivan and Barry Harvey (founding "Chain" members) Owen Grey and Craig Claxton.

Ian also played with some great South East Queensland bands including "The Rockin' Rhythm Cats" and "The Summerland Band".

Ian is known locally for his hard driving vocals and often haunting and howling harmonica; he has a passion for vintage tone and light and shade.
Lazy-Boy Lewis O'Neill rhythm guitar

Lewis "Lazy-Boy" O'Neill

Rhythm + Reaper + Vocals
Lazy-Boy is one unique rhythm guitarist, his style of chops and delivery are second to none. Few rhythm players have the discipline and drive to maintain the required balance and dynamics that a professional Blues band delivers.

Lazy-Boy's attention to timing and detail are legendary, as is his quick humour and vocal ability - delivering those subtle lyrics for all Blues lovers.

Lewis has played in many lineups over the years, primarily in Blues and Surf Blues related music. He is totally loving the new lineup and can't wipe the grin from his face!!!
Greg The Mean Miss-treater Lindner

Greg "The Mean Miss-treater" Lindner

Percussion + Vocals
Greg has had a great career playing in many lineups across the local music scene that has included many styles and genres of music. From tribute bands that worked hard at "Beatles", "Rock covers" and "The Beach Bouys" - he has literally played the last three decades in a huge variety of styles.

As a direct result of this broad experience Greg has become an excellent song writer and really has honed his production skills.

Like all the "Ol' Boys" in the Spirits Blues Band - Blues is definitely Greg's passion - he just can't get enough time behind his drum kit. No such thing as too much playing!!!
Lewis "Junior" Elliott - dedicated Blues Bassist

Lewis "Junior" Elliott

Dedicated Blues Bassist + Vocals
In a rhythm dominant outfit like The Spirits Blues Band the bass role is absolutely pivotal to the band’s drive and focus. This role is comfortably performed by Lewis “Junior” Elliott who began playing bass guitar & singing at the age of eight.

Lewis’ roots are in the blues and although he is a very versatile player with many years of experience, the foundation of his playing style complements the new Spirits lineup; Lewis “Junior’s” funk background absolutely shines!

"Junior" is also a close relation to Greg the drummer - Blues runs deep in this families veins!!!
Hard Times limited release vinyl record - remastered 2018 - recorded 1990

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The Spirits Blues Band live on stage
The Spirits Blues Band were the crew that bought you the Woombye Pub Blues Club in the late '80's, the Blues & Roots Stage @ Maleny & later Woodford, The Tanawha Blues Festivals back in the '90's!!! 
Who knows what 2020 will bring!
The Spirits Blues Band
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