The Spirits Blues Band

Blues - Roots - Jazz & Funk
The Spirits onstage with a crowd in front - pumping the blues big time - Roger on sax, Ian on harp and Alex on guitar in full flight - hard core Blues with a great crowd out front

Old Skool Blues Meets Artful Arrangements!

The Spirits are a six piece outfit that are all capable vocalists who revere the traditional masters of the genre; from Robert Johnson to a plethora of talented players of the 50’s, to modern electric legends including original material written by The Spirits over the past three decades.
With harmonica, saxophone, lead and rhythm guitars, percussion and six strong vocalists, the audience never knows what is coming next. The Spirits deliver a wide diversity of inspirational material; their hard driven rhythm delights the dancers in every audience!

The Spirits Blues Band Festivals & Concerts

The Spirits often play two distinct shows at festivals and concerts; one show being the History of the Blues, which evolved from “The Back to the Crossroads Show” a production by the band’s lead guitarist Alex McKeen and Dave Knobel - Qld Poetry Slam Champion.
The second show is a far more contemporary set which allows The Spirits to mould their own rendition of material that often crosses over with shades of delta, roots, boogie, jazz and funk. Far more than a guitar band - the harmonica & sax present wonderful colour and improvisation.

100% Overproof Entertainment!

The Spirits Blues Band Line Up

Alex leaning into his guitar playing a lead break - enjoying a laugh with the band across the stage

Alex McKean

Lead Guitarist + Vocals
Alex is a truly gifted guitarist who has been associated with The Spirits for over 35 years.

Alex has a wonderful attitude that permeates his playing; his style is definitely of his own creation and his dobro work is a great tribute to the earlier players of the Blues genre.
Ian singing into the microphone with a harp in his left hand

Ian Wilks

Harmonica + Vocals
Ian has been a driving force in The Spirits since the band's inception. He has had a wonderful career playing with some amazing Australian Blues talent which included fronting the band "Brother Goose".

Ian is known for his hard driving vocals and often haunting and howling harmonica; he has a passion for vintage tone and light and shade.

Roger Beare

Saxophone + Vocals
Roger Beare is the saxophonist in the line up, a wonderful player with very strong vocal ability; a country boy with an amazing flair for light and shade, with a tone that spells quality, never too much, just hitting the feel - often close to the edge; a very talented performer.
Lewis LazyBoy O'Neill singing to the crowd with his eyes closed - an emotional Blues song...

Lewis "Lazy-Boy" O'Neill

Rhythm Guitar + Vocals
Lazy-Boy is one unique rhythm guitarist, his style of chops and delivery are second to none. Few rhythm players have the discipline and drive to maintain the required balance and dynamics that a professional band delivers.

Lazy-Boy's attention to timing and detail are legendary, as is his quick humour and vocal ability - delivering those subtle lyrics for all Blues lovers.
Greg Lindner singing on drums - old school drummer with a wonderful touch

Greg Lindner

Percussion + Vocals
Greg has had a great career playing in many lineups across the SE Qld music scene.

As a direct result of this broad experience Greg has become an excellent song writer and really has honed his production skills.
Lewis Junior Elliott master young Blues bassist for The Spirits Blues Band

Lewis "Junior" Elliott

Bass + Vocals
In a rhythm dominant outfit like The Spirits, the bass role is pivotal to the band’s drive and focus. This role sits comfortably with Lewis “Junior” Elliott who began playing bass guitar & singing at a very young age.

Lewis’ roots are in the blues - his  funky playing style totally complements The Spirits driven grooves!
The Spirits 1990 original album as a vinyl record on an angle with a cool drop shadow

Check out the limited release of the Hard Times 
Blues Album from The Spirits Blues Band on vinyl

Here's a chance to secure a real piece of Australian Blues history 
The Hard Times Blues album from 1990 remastered on vinyl!

Check The Hard Times Blues Album Sample audio here!
The Spirits on stage in an old style duo tone colouring - mid reds to blues - everyone playing hard - Ian tilted to the left - very animated

2024 will be another BIG year for The Spirits Blues Band!

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